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How to Name Your Website the RIGHT way

Some may think of picking a website name as an ordinary task. Do not underestimate this task. This task needs to be researched and carried out strategically.

Many try to use the name of the business as the primary website domain. While it is very good to have the domain that is the name of your company or brand, you also need to have a domain name that has the primary keywords your prospects are searching for to find you (or your competitors).  If they’re not finding you, they are finding your competitors.

You can easily have more than 1 domain name that points to the same website.  This is the least expensive way to go. the best way to go is to put up a website on each domain so people can find you whether they are searching for your company name or your targeted keywords.

One of the best ways to pick the keywords that go into your website domain name are to go look at the keywords your paying customers used to find you. On all of our webforms, we have hidden fields that capture and dump this information into our CRM so all of the data is all in one place for easy viewing and report generation.

I’ve prepared a great 7 min video tutorial that shows you how to do quick research to pick the best domain name for your website using free online tools.

Go here to get instant free access to this tutorial. (