“Health Care Smealth Care!” Be Independent….It’s The American Way

President Obama’s new health care plan takes effect next year. This has many small business owners who are near the threshold of 50 employees worried.

Under the new healthcare plan, businesses with 50 or more employees will be required to furnish healthcare for their employees.

The increased costs will of course eat into profits for the company. The end result is companies will either pass this increase on to consumers, or find ways to keep their full time employees under 50-head count.

Many companies who are near the magic number of 50 full-time employees are considering not hiring new employees to keep them under the threshold of 50.

To meet the demand of needing more help, they’re considering independent contractors instead. I think this is very smart move.

First of all, as a small business owner myself, I have to ask, do I really need the government mandating where I spend my money? The choice to provide healthcare or not has always been at the discretion of the company.

This was just way of the benefits companies could offer to get top notch people on their team. Now, with mandatory laws telling business owners they must provide health insurance, it diffuses a companies incentive packages for possible employees.

But what about the individual?

No matter what you do, you may consider starting to get some independent contracted jobs on the side. This will help build your resume when the new law goes into effect.

Companies hiring independent contractors has nearly doubled since 2007 and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

With new healthcare law looming over the horizon, it may even grow at a faster rate over the next few years.

Now is the time to get yourself familiar with being an independent contractor. One of the quickest ways to that is to throw up a blog and start promoting yourself. If you’re savvy with building blogs and the technical stuff needed, I suggest you visit build your own blog for a quick and easy, done-for-you solution.

Typically, independent contractors are less expensive for employers, who don’t have to pay taxes on wages or supply benefits, as they would for their employees.

Because of this, many independent contractors are paid higher salaries than there counterparts doing the same job within a company.

The hard part of becoming an independent contractor….it may take awhile to get yourself known depending on what you do.

The best part….it allows you more freedom, and many times, more financial control.


DC Fawcett

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