How 39% of Entrepreneurs Pay More For Less

Let me ask you something:

If your business sells strictly dog products, would you spend money sending your message to a person who just owns cats?

Yet, according to a survey from Forrester Research, that’s exactly what 39% of businesses and entrepreneurs continue to do.

Well, let me rephrase that. What they’re really doing is not spending money on targeting prospective customers by obtaining demographics and purchase behavior, to customize their marketing messages.

Think about your own dealings with messages. How many marketing messages and advertisements do you see daily that you never read, end up getting tossed in the trash, and never acted upon?

Targeting your customers is one the most important actions you can take towards growing your business.

Your basic marketing plan should have specialized demographics costs built in, otherwise you could be paying more for less.

There’s nothing wrong with trying different advertising channels, but these should be in addition to gaining demographic insights into your market.

In fact, you’d probably do better sending a message to your current clients asking for referrals than you would flying with blind message that isn’t targeted.

That’s not always the case, depending on the business, but it’s fast rule of thumb for most entrepreneurs.

The more you can home in on your market and create your own “tribe,” the further your marketing dollars will go.

So how do you do it?

There are many companies where you can buy a list of prospective customers based on demographics you provide.

They can be costly, but it’s usually a cost that’s justified since you’ll see a better response rate with your message.

There’s also a service I provide that sniffs out the buyer’s in certain markets. If you’d like to know more this service, visit:

Get Laser-Targeted Buyer’s For Your Business.

To your success,

DC Fawcett

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