If You Hurry, You Can Still Get Your Vanity Email Address

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If you’ve been playing on the web as long as I have, you may remember the early days of email….where there was a mad rush to get a vanity email address.

There was a time that vanity emails were even being sold.

Most of us dinosaurs from the 1990’s will remember how AOL dominated the ISP space, and with your subscription to AOL you received an email address.

By the time I finally inserted one of those free discs that came in the mail every week from AOL, (or could be picked up at any convenience store), my “super cool” email name was already snatched up. (I guess there’s more than one DC Fawcett in this world…I was shocked to learn this!)

Anyhoo, after trying a couple dozen alternatives, and continuing to get a message that said “That Username has already been taken” I finally settled in frustration on DCfawcett4582@aol.com — not real sexy is it.

Then Hotmail came out and I quickly rushed there to get my web-based email. I would no longer be at the mercy of having to be at home on my computer to check my email. Of course, all the email names I wanted would again, “already be taken.”

Then came Yahoo….and I thought I was sure I’d get an email address that wouldn’t include numbers attached to the end of it….I wound up with DCFaw@Yahoo.com. Not really what I was going for.

Then Gmail came, and well, it was pretty much the same thing.

Now there’s another chance with Outlook.com. Microsoft announced it will be shutting down Hotmail and switching to Outlook. This makes sense. Outlook is Microsoft’s email client, but now it’s also web-based and has some new bells and whistles.

You can integrate Facebook and Twitter with your new Outlook email address….not to mention that if you hurry, you may get that super sleek email address you’ve always wanted! Check out Outlook.com.

Good Luck!


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