It’s Time To Make Your Site Mobile

Mobile technology is growing at a very rapid rate. Just as the desktop was replaced with the laptop, mobile phones and tablets are all you need to access the Internet.

As technology increases to store more data on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets, the world we live in becomes much more mobile.

Which is why your site should be mobile friendly.

Getting mobile friendly should be high on your priority list his year. There are a ton of tools like out there to do this yourself, or pay someone to do it.

Mobile technology has turned us all into multi-tasker’s. Gone are the days where you would accomplish one thing before moving on to the next.

Now, going out to get your oil change can also mean checking your email, staying up-to-date on Facebook and doing some quick shopping on Amazon.

Facebook still has it’s challenges to getting mobile, but they have hundreds of top programmers working on it, so it won’t be long before they get it right.

I imagine it won’t be to long before we find the magic size of a screen somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet, with enough hard drive capacity to do all the things we normally do on bigger computer’s.

As tablets, iPads, and smartphones increase data and memory capacity, sites have to be tailored to be mobile friendly as well.

Don’t get left behind the next technology wave. Go mobile now.


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