What You Can Learn From Hillshire Meats… Even If You’re a Vegetarian!

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Recently Hillshire Farms saw their lunch meat sales declining, so they went out to several cities, and spoke with the biggest buyers of lunch meat: Women over 25 with families.

(Hint: this demographic accounts for 85% of purchases in the household)

Takeaway: Actually engage in a conversation with your market and ask them what they want and what they don’t want.

Consumers of lunch meat said they wanted to be able to see the meat more clearly.

Takeaway: When marketing, always make your product offer crystal clear.

Hillshire Farms went to completely redesign their packaging. Now their meat is packaged in see-through plastic containers, and has “Fresh Pack” icons, larger fonts and a bigger logo.

But guess what they changed the least….the meat. They added a little more seasoning to affect the color since now it would be seen through the clear plastic containers. They also “fanned” the meat in the packaging to give it that fresh cut deli look.

Takeaway: Sometimes you don’t need to change the product as much as you need to change the advertising message.

I see so many small business owners trying to change products or services they offer because consumers aren’t buying. Most times a simple switch in the message is all they need to boost sales.

If you have a product (or service) that customers don’t seem to buy, try repackaging it to give it a fresh new look. This doesn’t mean you have to physically repackage it like Hillshire Farms did with their lunch meat….it means change your marketing message and offer people what they want that your product has.

“But I already do that” you say. I hear you, but maybe, just maybe, you’re not doing it the right way.

I’ve recently added a new module inside Freedom Alliance Network that shows you the simple methods to repackage your message and make it clearer so your prospects soak it up like water to a sponge.
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