Who Are Bill McRea, Mike Williams and Travis Stephenson?

I never ceased to be amazed at the quality and caliber of Travis Stephenson and his very unique software solutions.

Imagine having your site do all the hard work for you….content creation….finding back-links….making your site “search engine friendly”…..and most importantly, giving it character.

Until now, that’s been impossible, especially the last part of having something automated that could actually think like a human, talk like a human, and walk like a human being.

Enter Bill McRea and Mike Williams. Two software geniuses who have taken the same human behavior patterns used in top games produced by EA sports and incorporated into an automated self-perpetuating business building website.

Bill McRea and Mike Williams are well respected software guys who always over deliver on their promise. Their latest software package, Above the Social Matrix, is a perfect example of that.

It’s a cross between the Matrix and the Lawnmower Man, and Travis takes Above the Social Matrix to a whole new dimension with his bonus material that makes automation of your sites seamless.

It’s like having a full time expert marketing staff working around the clock to build your business.

Now, add in another bonus that uses the automated traffic gathering strategies and you have a complete package.

What you get is an SEO friendly, link back getting, automated content creator that drives customers to your site on your autopilot.

The whole system is hosted on their site, so there’s no complicated hosting to worry about. It’s a complete done-for-you system….but here’s the difference;

It’s produced by real people who make real money using this automation software. No B.S. — No sales pitch about why they’re the best. Just honest feedback and reviews from real people who are using this software to automate their online business.

You can check out this short presentation for more info at Above the Social Matrix.


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